Zimmer Biomet Dental kursai – Periodontologija ir implantologija – estetika ir funkcija

Course objectives

This two day intensive course is to provide the clinician with an evidence based concept on the periodontal compromised and aesthetically demanding patient. The first day will focus on current concepts to restore failing teeth in the anterior zone. In particular soft and hard tissue augmentation techniques, which have been transferred from plastic periodontal surgery (connective tissue grafts, repositioning techniques) will be discussed and trained during the hands on session. Immediate and delayed implant procedures including ridge preservation with allografts will be part of the theoretical and practical workshops. Additionally cutting edge technologies, such as individual allograft bone blocks, will be discussed and hands on surgeries performed. The second day will encompass the periodontally involved patient. Here principal strategies will be discussed, again with the focus on soft tissue techniques. The various phases of periodontal therapy including implant therapy in periodontal compromised dentition and their long-term maintenance will be demonstrated on complex clinical cases. Hands-on workshops is designed to acquiring to depth knowledge about the novel methods in surgical periodontal therapy including the use of biomaterials and incision techniques, flap designs and suturing techniques aiming to treat the defects caused by periodontal and periimplant infections.


– Flap designs and suturing techniques for reconstructive periodontal surgery
– Allograft bone block
– Implants in periodontal compromised patient
– Treatment planning / case presentations
– Immediate implantation in the aesthetic critical zone
– Soft-tissue management for perio patients
– Augmentation of mucosa around implants with free gingival grafts
– Implantation with simultaneous soft tissue corrections
– Bone augmentation with substitute material
– Ridge preservation techniques

Course fee $ 800

–Course fee includes one dinner, lunches, break refreshments, all course materials and group transportation between the Park Hotel and the Zimmer Biomet Institute from July 10 – 11, 2017.

Kursų skrajutė

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Daiva Sanulaitienė daiva.sanulaitiene@skimpex.lt, Tel. +370 698 12 259

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